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Al Pacino demanded for DNA test did not believe he could get anyone pregnant – Lifestyle Nigeria

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The 83-year-old actor, we’re told, had medical issues that would have commonly prevented a man from impregnating a woman. We’re told Al had no idea until 2 months ago that 29-year-old Noor Alfallah was pregnant, and when he found out he was “shocked.”Al

Pacino was so certain he could not get his girlfriend or anyone else pregnant, he did not believe the baby was his at first, and got a DNA test for proof 83-year-old

Al Pacino demanded a DNA test from 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah as he did not believe he could impregnate anyone

PacinoAl doubted at first the baby was his and wanted a DNA test. We’re told Noor obliged and the test showed he was indeed the dad.

Congratulations to Al and Noor

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