While there is an unrest across the nation as youths clamour for an end to Police brutality, the palace of the Yoruba monarch Alaafin Oyo seems to be hotter than fire as 2 of his wives reportedly leave.
This is coming after the Alaafin of Oyo allegedly locked up one of his queens Queen Dami in the palace prison for allegedly going against a palace rule.Alaafin Oyo's Wives Reportedly Leave As Monarch Locks Up One
According to unconfirmed reports by Instagram blogger, GistLover, Queen Dami and Queen Anu took to their heels from Oyo to Lagos for a better life. “Unrest in the palace: Oyo kingdom just lost two queens to the streets of Lagos state,these two queens left Oyo yesterday and got to Lagos around 2am (midnight) according to them they are tired of the palace and how the king is treating them”, the report began.
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“They want to follow Queen Ola footsteps seeing that she is cashing out in Lagos,according to our source Queen Dami was locked up in the palace prison for like a week as she was said to have gone against one of the palace rule,all her belongings were seized from her ,after she was released,she took few of her cloth and fiam to Lagos,together with another Queen,Queen Anu, if all the Queen dey run comot for palace,who go come remain,make all these queens stay one place o.i come in peace”, Gistlover wrote.
Alaafin Oyo and wives
Photos Credit: Instagram

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