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“Alfie Designs” – The Ghanaian Ready-To-Wear Brand

Good Morning Fam! Today, i will be introducing you to another Ghanaian ready-to-wear brand “Alfie Designs”.

About Alfie Designs

Alfie Designs has been in operation since 1990, started by Afi Agbenyega Nyarko as a family business in the Teshie Nungua Estates in Accra. It began with her making simple dresses for friends and family and the few who noticed and decided to patronize her services, and they loved what she could do. By 1993 her reputation had blossomed and iconic African Fabric producers Woodin and GTP started contracting Alfie Designs to make clothes with their fabrics to stock their shops. Producing wave after wave of trendy, fun yet elegant designs for tens, then hundreds, now thousands of customers across the continent Alfie has grown to be one of the foremost clothe manufacturers in Ghana. The Accra Polo Club, Country Kitchen, FMC Technologies and Charter House are amongst the vast number of prominent companies that have worked with Alfie  over the years.

ceo of alfie designs
Left: Adjo Dede Asare CEO of ALFIE DESIGNS

Alfie Designs is now co-run by Adjo Dede Asare, Afi Agbenyega Nyarko’s first daughter, and shes taken the label to new and unprecedented heights. She is a YALI Fellow, and a CITI Entrepreneur, sourcing a number of influential contracts for Alfie Designs while attending the increasing number of international trade fairs and fashion shows in which Alfie participates.

Having a humble background is not a strange occurrence in Ghana; Alfie  recognizing the hardship that some women go through began a Tailoring training programme to equip young women with tailoring skills so they could make something of themselves. The programme began in 1994 and lasted 5 years, saw over 100 girls trained. Alfie Designs restarted the training programme in 2013 as a Fashion school. In 2016 Alfie Designs won a grant from the USADF, which helped them expand the school; acquiring more machines and training even more girls to be part of the fashion industry.

From initial design concept on a tablet to the final stitch by the machine, each Alfie  is special. And that special nature is evident in the radiant looks of those who wear and those who see our products.

We love what we do, and we love doing it well.

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“Alfie Designs” – The Ghanaian Ready-To-Wear Brand