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Ali Baba Is Like A Father To Me – Helen Paul



Helen Paul

Ali Baba Is Like A Father To Me – Helen Paul


After several news mediums commented that all was not well between comedienne Helen Paul and veteran comedian Ali Baba, Helen has come out to debunk all rumours that there was a rift between the two of them. She wrote recently on Instagram:

“Ali Baba is someone I respect a lot and it will be foolhardy for anyone to think that I was ‘insulting’ him at that event. I am like a daughter to him and I am sure if he has any issues with me, he would, as an elder and a father, talk to me personally about it.

The account and scenario described in his post allegedly referring to me did not even happen to or involve me. It amuses me how people easily read between imaginary lines so that they, like Don King, can promote battles, lol.”


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