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Always Practice Safe Oral Sex – Experts Warn



Most people know they should be practising “safe s*x” but what about “safe oral s*x”.

Gonorrhoea, chlamydia, private part herpes, private part warts and syphilis are just a few of the sexually transmitted infections that can spread through oral.

Experts stress that everyone should be using protection when performing the intimate act.

Around 70% of people view oral stimulation as “full blown s*x”, according to a study a s*xual research centre at the Kinsey Institute in Indiana.

But recent research shows that people are not protecting themselves from STIs when it comes to oral.

The rate of STIs being spread through oral s*x is rising, according to the British Association for s*xual Health and HIV (BASHH).

One of the biggest problems is that people who catch STIs in the mouth and throat can’t be treated in the same way.

In fact, oral is now the main cause of drug-resistant gonorrhea, because the medicine doesn’t work on the throat, meaning it remains in the mouth.

The NHS recommends everyone use a condom when performing oral s*x, to prevent disease from spreading.

“Dental dams and condoms can be used as barrier methods to prevent the passing on of STIs during oral s*x, and are available free via your local family planning clinic or s*xual health service,” Sue Knight, lead nurse of Clinical Governance at young people’s s*xual health and wellbeing charity Brook told The Independent.

.: Daily Star

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