Amara Maduka: I Don’t Mind Playing X-rated Roles In Movies

In an interview with the Sunday Scoop, the Anambra-born actress said

“It is no longer news that Nollywood doesn’t pay (well). However, it prepares one for bigger things if one is smart. I could play x -rated roles but not in Nigerian films. We still lack the professional and emotional intelligence to pull off good x -rated movies.”

When asked if she missed sex during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, she said,

 “I do miss sex. Of all the times for my vibrators to get broken, they decided it was during the pandemic. It’s like they planned to mess my ‘isolation’ up.”

Recall about a month ago KOKO News reported a statement made the actress Amara Maduka where she said it was better for a person to masturbate than to rape, and would want the society to support masturbation more. Well in clarifying the statement, Maduka said,

“That this statement is being debated is sad. How can anyone compare masturbation to rape? It is crazy the type of humans we have around these days. They are so messed up. When a woman is raped, the scar lasts forever. She becomes messed up for life. How can anybody compare that to masturbation?

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On how she handles male attention as a result of her erotic social media pictures, the actress said,

“It is expected. I get harassed on social media every day. However, I know who I am and when one is secured about who one is, other people’s understanding and opinions wouldn’t hold water.”

Photo Credit: Getty