Some women around the world want to look younger than their age,they always try to find ways to prevent ageing from taking injections and creams to remove wrinkles, surgery to zap away fat and hair dyes to cover every bit of gray, they hide and fight every step of the way. They all want to look exactly the way they looked five years ago but the truth is, ageing is inevitable, it is a natural process that must take place and everyone must accept.

The good news however, is that you can slow down ageing and look many years younger than your current age without undergoing any surgery, below are tips on how to look more younger:

Quit smoking: Cigarette contains 40,000 harmful toxins, and each of these toxins is dropped into your skin cell’s DNA each time you smoke. Routine smokers look around ten years older than their age mates who don’t smoke. If you are finding it hard to quit smoking, consult a doctor for advice.

Exercise: Not everyone like excercising, but it is worth excercising sometimes. Excercise helps to promotes better circulation of oxygen and nutrients, boosts posture and stops free radicals from doing too much damage to your skin cells. It is a key to longer lasting youth.

Eat lots of protein: Your body needs essential fats and amino acids, which are all found in protein. Your skin will be starved of essential nutrients needed to plump if you exist on a diet that is low in fat.

Lose some weight: Another tip on how to look younger is losing weight, getting healthier should motivate you to lose some weight because losing weight will make you look much younger.

Reduce stress: Stress causes your body to release more cortisol which contributes to a faster ageing process. You could practice meditation and yoga, take breaks at work, take a vacation, sleep more or go for regular morning walks.

Drink less alcohol: Alcohol is fun when you are young but the more you drink of it, the greater chance it speeds up the ageing process. Alcohol creates thread veins on the surface of your skin, which appears on your nose, cheeks and the back of your hands.

Have a face massage: Some women are lucky because they have inside-out glow that suggest they are healthy while some women do not have such skin. Facial massage stimulates your skin in order to restore vibrancy to your weather-beaten skin. The best time to carry out a facial is at night when you have a bit more time on your hands.


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