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An Adult Film Star’s Guide To Having BA**IN’ Period S*x



It’s happened to almost every sexually active v**ina-owner out there: A big vacation, event, or hot date is coming up, and you just want to get some, but your cycle has other plans.

Don’t give up the dream! I’m > to give you some insider info on having period s*x because it’s awesome.

s*x, in general, is pretty fantastic, with lots of benefits—and s*x during menstruation can be, too. It can help with cramping and headaches, it can improve your mood, and it can bring you closer to your partner. Some women even notice their s*x drive increasing along with the hormonal changes, and find that on their period, arousal is faster and orgasming can be easier.

What’s not to love?! (And if you’re worried about the gross-out factor, keep reading.)

My top period s*x tips are below, but please note that in all these situations, communication is key. Don’t try to hide your period or cramps from your partner; instead, have a talk to see how he or she feels about having s*x anyway. Some folks won’t care at all, and some might actually like it.

One of my personal favorite mantras is: “A period stops nothing but a sentence.”

Of course, others are grossed out . blood or freak out when it’s all over them. That’s fine, too, as long as there’s no shaming. Either way, find out what kind of attitude you’re dealing with, and proceed accordingly.

Now for a few period s*x tips and ideas:

1. Use a towel.
Stick to missionary for the least amount of blood leakage, if that’s important to you. Yes, it will feel extra wet at least for awhile, but as the blood begins to dry, it can turn sticky. Using a lube like Wicked Sensual’s Aqua can help keep those sensitive areas from too much friction or even tears.

2. Have shower s*x.

Easiest clean up ever! You’re already there, and how nice to have someone to wash your back afterward, too. One drawback: The water will wash away the blood but also the lubrication, so this is a great place to use a silicone lube like Wicked Sensual’s Ultra. Just be very careful not to slip: Silicone is very long lasting and able to resist water.

3. Try a menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups (like SoftCups, Lunette, and Evacups) don’t provide birth control but do catch blood as you’re having s*x. They’re fairly easy to insert but potentially messy as they’re coming out of you afterward. The key > is practice. Our bodies are all different, so a certain brand may be great for your friend, but not as comfortable for you.

4. Use natural sea sponges.

From time to time due to scheduling issues, I may shoot a movie while I’m on my period, but the viewer will never know. I use a sea sponge, rinsed out with very hot water, and after squeezing out the water, I insert it inside my v**ina.

During s*x, it absorbs the blood, but afterward, getting them out can be a challenge, especially the first few times. Squatting over the toilet with one foot up or crouching in the shower usually works, but the key > is to relax. Also, if you have trouble removing it, see your doctor ASAP to prevent infection.

5. Try string-free soft tampons.

Made from polyurethane foam string-free soft tampons have a finger grip for removal, but it’s still a good idea to practice with them a few times. After removal, they cannot be reused. My personal favorite brand for these is Beppy.

No matter what, practice will reveal the right product for you and your body. Do your part to help end the stigma that period s*x is wrong or dirty. Go forth and enjoy!

.: Yourtango

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