Myriam Ducré-Lemay, 20, reportedly died from a nut allergy after kissing her boyfriend, who was unaware of her nut allergies.

Her heart-broken mother, Micheline Ducre, speaking about the dangers of food allergies narrates the sad story to Journal de Quebec.

Myriam went to her new boyfriend’s house after a party in Montreal, in October 2012. While she was getting ready for bed, he ate a late-night peanut butter sandwich and then brushed his teeth.

Within minutes of kissing her boyfriend, Ms Ducré-Lemay was suffering from shortness of breath. They dialed 911 and she was taken to hospital, but tragically nothing could be done to save her.

Unfortunately for her that day, she didn’t have her EpiPen, which is used for emergency treatment of anaphylaxis, and her state rapidly deteriorated.

Myriam Ducré-Lemay

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The ambulance arrived within eight minutes after her boyfriend made the call. Despite their efforts, she died from a severe cerebral anoxia, where the brain is deprived of oxygen.

Her mother said that the boyfriend did not know that she had a severe nut allergy and he did not tell her he’d eaten peanuts. The relationship was new and Ms Ducré-Lemay did not have time to tell her boyfriend of her allergies.

Mrs Ducre warned others to always carry a Medic Alert bracelet, which can indicate to others that the wearer has allergies, as well as an EpiPen. Both devices could have saved her daughter’s life.

Speaking about her daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend she said:

‘She told me she was in love. It’s the first time I saw my daughter with such bright eyes.’

Mrs Ducre wants her daughter’s story to be told to raise awareness for people with nut allergies and to highlight the importance of carrying epipens.

Anaphylaxis is an extreme and severe allergic .. The whole body is affected, often within minutes of exposure to the substance which causes the allergic . (allergen) but sometimes after hours.

Common causes of anaphylaxis include foods, such as peanuts, tree nuts (e.g. almonds, walnuts, cashews, and Brazil nuts), sesame, fish, shellfish, dairy products and eggs.

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It can also be caused by non-foods such as; wasp or bee stings, natural latex (rubber), penicillin or any other drug or injection.


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