Ankara Styles For Pregnant Women


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Pregnancy is a special period in the life of any woman; it is also a known fact that maternity clothes should be comfortable for a future mother, but what most people don’t know is that comfortable clothes can also be very stylish. Ankara styles are currently at the top of the latest fashion trends in Africa and the rest of the world, so if you want to learn how to slay and look stylish while pregnant, keep reading this article for inspiration from the best designs of Ankara maternity tops. As we have already mentioned, pregnancy is a rather special period for every woman. During these nine months of carrying a baby, most ladies look really adorable naturally, but they also need to pay attention to the clothes they choose. They should be both comfortable and good looking. That is why there are many special collections of beautiful clothes for future moms, including new Ankara styles for pregnant ladies. We hope you will be inspired by the photos we have prepared for you. Maternity Ankara tops Dresses are the most popular maternity wardrobe item because they are the most comfortable thing a pregnant woman can wear. Pregnancy dresses usually have a loose shape, which softly hugs the growing belly, and even more important is the fact that it can be worn until the last months of the pregnancy. But you shouldn’t limit your wardrobe to only dresses during the happy nine months of pregnancy. You can opt for the latest stylish Ankara tops that can be combined with other clothing items like shorts, skirts and trousers. Nigerian designers who create fashionable clothes for pregnant women consider not just the comfort of future moms but also the latest trends in the fashion industry. That is why stylish pregnant ladies can enjoy fashion trends like off-shoulder tops, peplum tops and blouses, dramatic sleeves, crop tops, blouses with big bows, etc. Peplum tops The most popular kind of tops for pregnant ladies are peplum tops made with Ankara. It looks simply amazing on a pregnant belly, and what is more, it can be easily matched with different clothes from your wardrobe. Ankara maternity tops are usually paired with trousers for pregnant women, which have a special elastic waist. But whether you choose trousers, jeans or a skirt, you will look amazing wearing a peplum top. You can choose a peplum top with Ankara and lace combo and with long, short or three-quarters sleeves. If you are a bold fashionista, you could also try an Ankara off-shoulder top or a top with deep V-shaped decollete. There are tons of different styles to choose from. High collar Ankara tops This is another very fashionable design trending this season. These tops are usually made of ankara, with a free cut shape, high collar and bare shoulders. READ ALSO: Have a chic pregnancy with these ankara maternity styles Crop tops Another trend of this season and one of the most popular styles many fashionistas are going for is the crop top. Crop tops are another universal element of every wardrobe that can be easily combined with trousers and skirts. The only important thing to remember is to not bare your pregnant belly; so it is better to pair them with high waist skirts and trousers. Off shoulder tops If you are a fan of free cut off shoulder Ankara tops, then you could easily rock them during pregnancy with cool leggings to create a cute summer look. It is also a very comfortable combination; and comfort is very important during pregnancy. Ankara blouses for pregnant women If there is a necessity to create a more official look, you can try to combine your Ankara blouse with one-color trousers or pencil skirt. Simply ensure that the color of the trousers or skirt you choose matches at least one color on the fabric of your blouse. Stylish tops of unusual cut These days, designers are coming up with so many stylish outfits for pregnant ladies, even enough to make other fashionistas jealous. You can create a dramatic look and get every one staring at you by wearing an Ankara maternity top with a train as seen in the pictures below. Stylish maternity look As you can see, Ankara tops seem to be a very popular fashion trend for pregnant ladies; this comes as no surprise considering they are not only practical and comfortable, but also come in so many different designs.


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