Some people might not approve but am a huge fan of ankle bracelets otherwise known as anklets. I’ve never seen anything wrong with them even when I was constantly told it was a symbol of some sort, trust me when I say this, everybody I met that disagreed with me having anklets on all had different ridiculous myths around them (real hilarious I must say) anyways that never stopped me from having them on.


Now anklets or ankle bracelets is originally a bohemian look (remember the bohemians love jewelries and adornment) and the act of adorning your ankles with jewelry was copied from the boho chics.  The anklets (ankle bracelet) was really popular in the 90’s but has indeed picked up this past few years.

Now most people don’t know there are different types and designs of anklets that’s why am here to show you different gorgeous lovely designs of anklets

Ivory Bridal Beach Barefoot Sandal Anklet

This also comes in ordinary, simpler designs… this anklet is made for walks on the beach.



Simple Silver turquoise ankle bracelet

This look is the most common, simple and perfect for all kinds of outings.


ankle bracelet

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Triple gold turquoise ankle bracelet  

Another anklet that is perfect for the beach, parties and any other fun place.


turquoise ankle bracelet

Metallic silver anklet

This Metallic silver anklet that resembles the tradition Indian ankle bracelet, another perfect fit for the beach.


Metallic silver anklet

Anklets are gorgeous, just as you adorn your wrist adorn your ankles with gorgeous picks whether you go the simple or the loud route.


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