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Another Husband "Kills" His Wife For Money Ritual In Lagos



When I say people should be praying, it’s not because you have problem but to help you not to have problem. There are a lot of things prayer will do for your family, if only you can build a right path with God.

Less than a month after the Lekan and Ronke Shonde’s saga which is still a hot topic among many, another man has allegedly murdered his wife at their home located in the Araromi area of Lagos.

The couple are both from Edo State. According to the wif’s sister who identified herself as Vero, the husband, Mr James Kafaru Esougie, slashed his wife Roseline’s throat while she was asleep.

Vero said he started manifesting strange characters as soon as they became aware of his crime on Friday.

The words of Vero: “We were sleeping when my sister’s husband came out to wake the first son to go and urinate. This was about 4am. When the boy went in to wake the mother, he saw that she was not responding. He shook her vigorously and got no response and quickly ran to call me.

“When I got there, I also shook her with the aim of waking her but got no response. Touching her legs, I observed that it was very cold. I shuddered and quickly removed that cloth on her face.

“It was then that I saw that the husband had used a knife to slash her neck. He cut the vein that holds the neck and the head. She was in a pool of her own blood. Goose pimples overwhelmed me and the children. They were traumatized as they saw the lifeless body of the mother drenched with blood.

“When we were doing all these, the husband sat on the floor vomiting black things and defecating right there. I raised the alarm and neighbours came to apprehend him. Police later came an whisk him away.”

Asked if the couple used to quarrel before the murder, Vero said: “They used to quarrel a lot. The husband was always beating her. We severally told her to leave the house for him but she declined… She gave birth to five children for him. They are both from Auchi, in Edo State. My sister was a petty trader but the husband doesn’t have any known job. As far as I know, he is jobless. It was my sister that was responsible for providing for the needs of the family. ”

The rest of deceased’s siblings were in pensive mood obviously trying to fathom the fate that befell their sister as Vero tearfully relived the account of how the sister was gruesomely murdered in the house.

Seething anger glaringly stood on the face Philip, the deceased’s younger brother when The Nation sought his comment on the incident. He paced up and down in the apartment looking downcast.

“My late sister’s husband married her when she was in the secondary school. He was initially working as a trailer driver before he lost his job. He has been jobless since then. We have been asking her to park out all along but she refused. It is unfortunate that she ended up being sacrificed by the man she gave her all.”

Shop owners in the building sat sorrowfully in groups at the entrance of the house bemoaning the fate that befell the deceased. Some of them who spoke with our correspondent said they saw the deceased when she returned from her business place around 8pm on Thursday. They

A shop owner in the area said the husband became unusually aggressive earlier in the week as he quarreled with everybody that stood on his way.

“The man was very aggressive all through Wednesday and good part of Thursday. He was smoking and feverishly puffing the smoke of the cigarette into the air. He kept throwing away every chair and table that he saw on the way and also quarreling with everybody that he saw. We never knew that he was preparing the ground for the dastardly act he wanted to carry out.

“The wife sells frozen food at Ijora. We were outside when she returned from her business place Thursday. She was looking very tired and sick. When we asked her what the matter was, she said she wasn’t feeling healthy. When we told her to take some days off and rest, she said it would not be possible immediately because she needed to hustle to get money to pay her children’s school fees. She said she would take time to rest after paying the school fees. She had earlier paid the rent. Unfortunately, the rest will end up becoming an eternal one,” one of the traders said.

Another trader said: “The deceased was a gentle person. She was always going out early and coming back late in the night. We are all aware that she was the breadwinner of the family because the husband was always idle. I have serious concern about the future of the children. Before they were taking away by the deceased’s family, they were seriously hungry. They had to go and borrow matches to lit the stove to make something for them to eat.”

– How can you agree with any ritualist that the killing of your wife who’s paying your bills and taking care of your children is the only way for you to make money? May God save us from evil!

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