Anyone Who Believes Rumor Without Hearing Your Side Of The Story, Has Been Looking For How He Can Be Against You

Williams Uchemba
Nollywood star Williams Uchemba has shared on social media that anyone who believes tales, stories, rumors about another person without verifying first from them has always hated the person and only found the perfect opportunity to show it.

Williams Uchemba

He shared that many people believe unverified stories about other people and do not ask for their own side of the story in order to find out the truth. Williams shared that when things like this happen people should remember that God got them.
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A few weeks ago the actor took to his Instagram page to give praises to God for blessing him with new SUVs noting that he was able to acquire them after he gave his money to a church for a project. According to him, he gave part of the money to the church and bought a car for another person who didn’t own one and a month later, God blessed him with 2 SUVs.

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