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> Are 5 Life-threatening Problems Caused . Malaria



Malaria is a common life threatening disease common in tropical and hot/humid climates.

It’s transmitted through an infected female Anopheles mosquito (bite) carrying the Plasmodium parasite which is released into the bloodstream when it bites.

Malaria is life threatening as there have been a record of major health issues associated with poor treatment of the disease.

The parasites infect the blood cells when the parasites are transferred to the body they go to the liver where they breed and after a few days the parasites go into the bloodstream to start infecting the red blood cells, multiplying and causing the infected cells to burst!

With malaria, proper care should be sought for treatment which is administered according to the degree of infection. Poor management of malaria can result in life threatening issues including:

1. Kidney, liver or spleen failure

2. Fluid accumulation in the lungs that causes difficulty in breathing

3. Brain blood vessels get swollen

4. Destruction of the red blood cells causing anaemia

5. Low blood sugar

In some cases malaria kill so it’s best to get tested and undergo proper treatment administered . an expert.

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