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> Are 5 Snuggly Sex Positions You Can Try Tonight For A Tighter Fit

Not to compare your v**ina to Goldilocks, but some penises are going to feel more “just right” to you than others. Nothing wrong with that. A tight fit can be pretty nice — it’s a rare hybrid situation that makes you feel incredibly cozy and snuggly with your partner, while also delivering lots of stimulation for both of you.

Yes, you can do a f**kload of Kegels to increase these #feels, but there are also positions that for whatever reason, turn that closeness up a notch. These are they:

Have him lie on his back then bend his knees and spread his legs for you. Slide your legs down straight between his and hold yourself up with you hands — you’re basically the guy in Missionary. Roll your hips slowly for a rubbing motion, or thrust hard and deep if that’s your thing. His legs squeezing yours will give you both the tightest s*x, like, ever.

Lie flat on your stomach like you’re on a massage table. Open your legs wide enough for him to slide in easily from behind. Once you’re situated, he moves his legs so they’re outside of yours while you move yours in between his, pressing your knees together. Cross your legs at the ankle for an even tighter fit and tilt your pelvis to go deeper and feel his strokes from different angles. If you want/need a little somethin’ extra, press your fingers against you clit and rock against them.


Lie on your side with your bottom leg straight down between his. He thrusts from behind, pushing down on your b*tt or leg for a little more friction. Make it feel even tighter for him . wrapping your lubed finger and thumb around his man-hood right at the entrance to your v**ina. (It’s called an introidus, not that you asked.) Not only is this deliciously snug and conducive to marathon s*x, but it leaves you with a free hand to rub yourself as you please.

Bend over downward doggy-style, but put your hands on your bed and press your legs tightly together (a good leg squeeze works all kinds of vaginal magic). Arch your back and tilt your b*tt up for a fuller feeling. Amp it up . syncing some deep Kegel squeezes to match his thrusts and you’re on a roll.

.: Cosmopolitan

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