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> Are 8 Habits Of Highly Annoying Guys In Bed

It can be very easy to go from the adorable bloke she has always known and admired to the guy who she is wondering why she hooked up with in the first place. Those kind of thing that makes ladies consider friendzoning the rest of us with “good” intentions.

The truth is no matter how bad s*x is, it will still somehow be good enough for a guy, it is the lady that is left to pick up the shattered remainder of the hope for a multiple orgasmic s*xual experience she was imagining before your colossal obliteration of her fantasy.

The kind of disappointment that makes her go into celibacy, you know it. You darned messed it up for the rest of us. Just in case you don’t know if you’re in that category, > are 8 habits people like that have, as suggested by Sasha Brown-Worsham, Berry.

1. It’s not all about you:  Just for the weirdest possible reasons that you don’t know, no one told you or maybe you didn’t bother to ask anyone. s*x is about you and your partner, the fun fact > is that you should also care about her feeling. The lady comes first, figuratively and “orgasmicly”. It’s a win-win situation. Think of it this way, if she cums first then you can have the bragging right, that’s the first advantage, if you make her c*m again, then the encounter becomes multiple climax experience. Feel me?

Put her first and you’ll see how you’ll get rewarded handsomely.

2. You’re chewing the v**ina: Eating the p*ssy is a saying, it isn’t literal, it’s an expression. Please don’t take it literally, don’t go off on it like a dog chewing a rubber toy. It’s not sexy at all, learn how to use your tongue, it isn’t just for talking alone, it can bring a woman to the footpath of heaven, with the right application of the mouth to the female private partia, she will be speaking in tongue. Don’t eat it like indomie.  It’s not even about it being nonsensical, there is risk for serious injury as well. Stop eet!

 3. He can’t look at it straight up: It looks like he’s scared of the p*ssy or going near it with his face. This is even worse than the guy chewing the p*ssy. If she has given you a head, then you should give her one too, As they say, one good turn deserves another. If you know you don’t want to give her a head, don’t mislead her and receive one from her. Be fair.

4. He forgets about foreplay: In the year of our Lord, 2017. A guy still forgets about foreplay then rushes to the cookie immediately. I thought there is always a method to the madness, a sequence of events, its like before playing any sport, you work out a bit before beginning or you might suffer some muscle strain. Women also need a warm up time before the main event, foreplay helps to get the gears in motion for a smooth running of the system.

 5. You don’t know what to do with b**bs: You remember the saying about the dog chasing cars, and not knowing what to do when it actually gets one? It’s almost the same thing >. You’ve been staring at her b**bs all this while, and finally when you get to hold it. You don’t know what to do with it, even worse, you’re squeezing as hard as you possibly can.

Dude, just chill! No need to manhandle her b**bs unless she clearly tells you to, maybe the pain works for her, but you need to be tender with it, and also remember whatever you’re doing has to make her feel good.

Keep it mind!

6. You keep going faster and faster: This is perhaps because of the myths perpetuated by P0*n. It’s not that going faster and faster, harder and harder isn’t good but that shouldn’t be your only move. You’ve got to have more than that in your arsenal to come forth with. It can be very boring and repetitive. Learn to vary your moves, go slow sometimes and be so sensual.

7. Shushing her up: Even if you’re a s*x god, there is no need for this. Telling her to stop talking is a man-hood move for sure. Granted some ladies can be very loud in between the sheets, but you can also find ways of being creative about it. If she is getting it good, and screaming, it should make you happy. In case she is keeping your neighbours up at night with her screams, tell her about it and find a solution to it together.

8. Pushing her head down: This is quite disgusting, and perhaps one of the most annoying things you can do to a woman. Men need to understand this, there is no way you can force a woman to give you a head. Agreed? You cannot r*pe her mouth, her fight back is the easiest, you’ll lose your little man, and when that happens, everything is goes downhill from there. If you know that’s an eventuality then why bother down that path. If she has agreed to go down on you then do the decent thing and wait for her to get there herself.

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