Are boobs crucial to the success of a relationship?


You can prevent your man from talking to another woman or take her number but you can’t stop him from staring at her boobs. Some women put out regular cleavages to directly attract men like a magnet.

It is difficult to comprehend why some men are madly in love with boobs. They are just speechless when boobs fall graciously on them.

For some men, they care more about the size of a woman’s boobs even before they consider her inner beauty and other physical features. 

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Once they suck them after a stressful day, they feel relaxed and their heart is at peace. Men who are addicted to boobs have heightened their love for it after some health reports revealed sucking boobs helps to keep breast cancer to a minimum.

According to various researches, a woman with big boobs or buttocks is likely to get a preferential treatment than a woman with normal boobs sizes.

Should a woman be concerned about the size of her boobs before entering into a new relationship? Can the size of a woman’s boobs cause the partner to cheat?

In an exclusive interview with Ms Nancy, style coach and TV presenter, she revealed that: “the vital statistics of a woman is what would first attract the attention of a man to get close to a lady to experience her virtues. Yes, men love breast, some small, some big, some very big”.

The importance of fore. shouldn’t be understated in a relationship. Fore. ensures that each partner attains orgasms. Men who want to sexually satisfy their women understand and know all the nitty-gritty about fore.. They don’t rush the act. By using sex toys, oils and lubes, they passionately make sure both of them are at their peak of arousal at the time of sexual intercourse.

Ms Nancy further said that for, “traditional couple, fore. commences with a kiss, deep french kissing, then straight to the breast, 90% of men want to suck breast before penetration”.

Just a glance at a woman’s cleavage turns on some men. They literally meltdown when their partners are naked. As if sucking their mother’s breastmilk wasn’t enough, men are always dying to suck boobs. 

Ms Nancy, who also doubles as the host of the popular TV show “Duvet” added that “Breast signifies love for men, a giving on a part of one’s self, from an early age, mothers feed their children with breast, men never get over the experience”.

On why some women flaunt their boobs in public, Ms Nancy disclosed that “for most women, the show of breast is a show of femininity”.

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Boobs enlargement surgeries are ubiquitous around the world and the craze is slowly creeping into Africa. On what accounts for this recent trend, the TV hostess said it is due to “the realisation of the importance of breast to a man’s sexual craving”.

“A lady should accept her whole body just as she was created including her breast and find appropriate ways of presenting it seductively to her own partner”.

Would you undergo breast enlargement to please your man? Share your thoughts with us. 


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