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> Are Some Health Benefits Of Cuddling



Cuddling can help lower blood pressure

The benefits of cuddling don’t just stop at connecting with your partner. In fact, hugging and cuddling can actually help lower blood pressure. So, even if you’ve historically sworn off getting snuggly with your significant other, it’s time you give it another shot. It just may help the heart health of both you and your partner.

Cuddling is good for your immune system

If you’re one of those people who thinks swapping spit with someone is the easiest way to get sick, think again. Snuggling up with your partner may actually help you stay healthy. According to Glamour, “The cocktail of cuddling hormones — dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin — combine to fight infections. Cuddling gives your immune system a pick-me-up that some believe is just as effective as popping a multivitamin.”

You release all the feel-good hormones

So, back to that cocktail of hormones we just mentioned. On your journey through love, your brain goes through a wild ride. Fostering closeness, building intimacy, and working your way to relationship bliss is all part of Cupid’s master plan. And just as Fusion explains, it’s all pretty scientific. Not to take the romance out of it all, but you get the idea: You’re releasing all the feel-good hormones when you’re intimate, so don’t stop.

Cuddling can help ease stress and promote healing

You’re probably well-aware of the soothing effects snuggling can have on a person (unless of course you flinch at the very touch of your partner, in which case, it’s probably time to move on). But did you know it can really help reduce stress? Not only does oxytocin help ease stress, but research shows it can also help increase pain thresholds, and promote growth and healing. So, . reason to cozy up to your partner.

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