It’s common knowledge that women cry far more than men do, have far more emotional dreams and their hearts beat a little faster. We know they lie only half as much, which is perhaps why most say they’d have an affair only if they knew they could get away with it. But the facts to follow are not mainstream information; they run the gamut from third bosoms to pain thresholds. So sit back, relax and let us blow your mind.

  • Women typically feel less emotional post-breakup than men do
  • 1 in 50 women have a third bosom
  • bosoms are erogenous zones because the sensation travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the v**ina, cervix and cli**ris. But, only one percent of women can climax from chest stimulation alone
  • Women prefer men with deep, breathy voices. They subconsciously perceive them as more masculine than men with tiny voices
  • Women talk almost three times as much as men do. An average woman speaks 20,000 words in a day
  • Some women have a genetic mutation that causes them to gain a fourth-colour vision cone in their eyes, which allows them to see millions of more colours
  • Applying male underarm sweat to a female’s upper lip help women relax, boost their moods and regulate their menstrual cycles
  • The most effective flirting technique includes asking a woman out and holding her hand
  • Good s*x triggers the part of the female brain associated with falling in love. No wonder they tend to swoon quicker after a successful evening in the bedroom
  • Women find men the sexiest when they are in the kitchen cooking
  • Measures of physiological arousal, like vaginal blood flow, suggests that women are aroused . every s*xual stimuli – including unclad females, homosexual s*x and animal s*x
  • Men and women cannot just be friends. One of you is bound to be attracted to the other in some capacity, whether you’d ever act on that feeling or not.
  • Kinkier women may actually be psychologically healthier
  • Women like men who drive fast cars
  • Sleep-deprived men mis-perceive women’s s*xual interest and intent, despite clues
  • Most women prefer their men to be clean-shaven
  • While 40 percent of women have experienced exercise-induced orgasms 11 or more times, only 25 percent consistently achieve climax during s*x
  • Parts of the female brain shuts down during orgasms – the amygdala which triggers fear and anxiety, literally turns off when she’s turned on
  • To brood isn’t rude. Most women would choose a moody man over a smiling one
  • Women are aroused . the scent of citrus, baby powder, good and plenty candies — and less aroused . the smells of cherries and charcoal barbecue smoke
  • Women will like you more if you keep them guessing. When she doesn’t know whether you like her, you stay on her mind

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