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> Are Things Women Do That Guy Loves



According to a thread on Reddit, guys were asked what they love about their ladies –and several responses were received. Below are some

1 ‘I don’t know what it is, but I love it when a woman wears my shirt.’

2 ‘When they get excited over really small stuff, like a package they’ve been waiting for finally arriving.’

3 ‘When (while in the act of love) they’re on top of you and their long hair falls down on you,and you just wanna shrink to the size of a leprechaun and live in it like it was a forest.’

4 ‘Perky ponytails.’

5 ‘When, during s*x or foreplay, they make those little breathy moans.’

6 ‘Wear my sweatshirts all the time, damn it!’

7 ‘Being passionate about something. The small stuff. The personal stuff.’

8 ‘The way their hair bounces when they’re jogging (especially in a ponytail).’

9 ‘When they hug you from behind.’

10 ‘When they’re bold. Be bold in what you know are your strengths, and don’t be ashamed of them. I don’t care if you’re better than me at something. Just be honest about it.’

11 ‘I love watching my wife interact with our dogs.’

12 ‘When they wear plaid. Plaid is just so hot on a girl. I can’t describe it.’

13 ‘Women who can rock a baseball cap. It’s incredibly sexy.’

14 ‘I love when a woman does a little shimmy to get her jeans on or off.’

15 ‘Beard scratches, head scratches, and back scratches will win me over every time. I’m a sucker for scratches.’

16 ‘The way they can tie their hair back or put it in a bun in a matter of seconds like it’s nothing. There’s something quite confident and sexy about it.’

17 ‘I love a woman that watches soccer and one that we can . FIFA or PES together for like forever. Oh, that babe sweeps me off every time’

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