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> Are Tips On Fragrance Use



Use scents sparingly. You know who should smell your scent? People standing right next to you. Not people on the other end of the hallway. Your cologne is more for you and women you’re being intimate with than for everyone you walk .. It takes a little practice to get the right amount of scent on yourself, but for best results, just spray it lightly over your heart in the morning and you should be good to go.

Use manly ones: They can be anything from sandalwood to lime, depending on the season, the occasion, your personality and other factors. But, with apologies to fellows who prefer such things, we’re going to strongly caution against scents like vanilla, lavender and gardenia. Instead go for things that mimic wood and leather or a simple musk. Women want men who smell like men, not flower shops. Try Givenchy’s Gentleman Only Intense, a modern scent with notes of cedar wood and leather. That’s manly stuff.

Have several fragrance options: Fragrance is like fashion, in that it continues to evolve as manufactures experiment with new and different possibilities. You should as well. Just as you wouldn’t wear the same shirt in summer and winter—we hope!—switch up your scent with the seasons to keep it fresh. That’s the kind of thing a gentleman does, after all.

Stop using cheap body spray: For most of you, college is over. The body spray that carried you through countless keg parties over the course of four to seven years isn’t going to cut it in the big leagues. It’s time to upgrade to something more adult, so opt for an actual bottle of cologne.

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