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As she pays tribute to her stepfather, Sir Shina Peters, Toyin Lawani offers a severe warning to her brother-in-law – Lifestyle News

As she publicly honors and pays tribute to her stepfather, Sir Shina Peters, controversial celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani has generated a lot of conversation on her timeline.


The mother of three posted a video of Shina Peters falling over while enthusiastically dancing during the wedding of her youngest sister on Instagram.

The renowned singer was her stepfather, according to Toyin Lawani. He was the last child his mother had.

Shina Peters received prayers and praise from the speaker, who praised him for being the best father ever and for giving his everything to his daughter’s wedding.


Toyin Lawani told her brother-in-law not to bring her sister back to their home since she wouldn’t be welcomed, as she was paying tribute to her stepfather. She said their father had put a lot of effort into their union.

Fall or no fall you Are A Living Legend Dad @sirshinapeters, she posted on Instagram. I will always be grateful to you because you are the best father ever because you came through for my sister, your child, and our last child from my mother to those asking. He is now my stepdad. We had a great time at the wedding and brought our best selves.


I didn’t even have to fit you in this suit but it fit like a glove just got measurements and designed it via elegantebytiannahstylingmen , @yomi__a if you Return her we won’t take her back see all the wahala you put our dada through , which kind of fathers of the Bride to fathers of the Groom dance is this Biko
Toyin Lawani claimed that she had been the father and mother to all her kids, yet she encouraged her relationship with their dads.


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