We all love the glamour and colour  Aso-ebi adds to events. It’s the cost we don’t like very much. The cost of being an Aso-ebi girl is no joke!

Save cost on Aso-ebi with these tricks!

(My Wedding Nigeria)

Aso-ebi, a cultural trend, began in Yorubaland, but has steadily gained popularity across the Country over the years and has become a must-have at every “happening” event.

aso eebi palava


It has become our gate-pass to societal weddings,  determines whether or not we get food at these weddings, get souvenirs when we’re going home and even inclusion in pictures with the couples.

aso ebi palava

( Biyi Adeleke Photography)

However, the cost of purchasing Aso-ebi lately has become neck breaking and overly expensive! The price range is from N10,000 to God knows what! As much as we don’t want to be left out of the fun and attention at friends’ weddings and other events, minimising cost strategy 101 is a must practice.

Here are a few ways to not to spend too much on Aso-ebi

1. Mix and Match: Buy a few yards of the material from the bride and tell your Fashion designer to buy and combine a different fabric to it to make a fab outfit. That is if you don’t already have a suitable and matching wrapper in your wardrobe. This way, you are still a member of the Aso-ebi clan and you spend way less.

aso ebi palava


2. Buy the Head-tie (Gele): This still allows you access to the wedding and you still look like a part of the “ore-iyawo” squad without spending a fortune.

aso ebi palava


3. Wear a similar colour: Most times, people choose Aso-ebi colours based on trending colours at the moment. This can only mean one thing, you most likely already have the “colour of the year” in your wardrobe. Why buy more? Simply wear what you already have and say no to buying another. Show up looking like a million bucks!




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