Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, I know I did, surprisingly there were a lot of parties on boxing day and there are a lot of aso ebi styles to rock this new year. if you have a wedding to attend on the 2nd, first Saturday of the new year then I suggest you need to gear up and look at this lovely pieces on display for inspiration;


This is a really simple and vibrant style, this lovely defined shoulder Ankara aso ebi style is a six piece floor length fish dress finished off with a brooch.



Jumoke raji looks amazingly gorgeous in this V-neck white and blue shimmer dress which she pairs with a silver accessory.



This style is both simply and defined, a simple off shoulder 8 piece dress with a tail, paired with a blue and red head gear.


For a more enhanced look the color red would do you justice, this lovely off-shoulder knee length dress is paired with a red head gear, a metallic heel and a gorgeous emerald earring.


Peach is a cool demure shade and is one of the popular colors chosen for aso ebi fabrics, here the peach fabric is paired with a blue lace which gives it definition.


I love black and am definitely in love with this style, its unique and well detailed.



What do you think about this aso ebi styles? Hit or Miss… Leave your comment in the comment box below.



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