Aso-Ebi 2
Hello there! It is another weekend and the Owambe spirit is already high up in the air. We are sure you are perturbed about what and what to wear to that special occasion you just can’t miss for anything in the world. Well, worry no more, you will not only be at the event, but you will also be the talk of the event.

Without further ado, we give to you, our weekend collection of Aso-Ebi attires guaranteed to make you a show-stopper at that big event.

Aso-Ebi3Aso-Ebi 16Aso-Ebi 15Clipboard02Aso-Ebi 12Aso-Ebi 11Aso-Ebi 10Aso-Ebi 9Aso-Ebi 8Aso-Ebi 7Aso-Ebi 6Aso-Ebi 5Aso-Ebi 2Aso-Ebi 4Aso-Ebi 1

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