Aubameyang setting himself up with the ‘Cursed’ no. 9?

Chelsea fans are nervy of new signing Pierre Emerick Aubameyang choosing to go with the famed no. 9 jersey number after claims of it being cursed.

Superstition ironically enough have found its way into football, with many players admitting to performing certain ‘rituals’ or acts prior to the games commencing to better help their performance.

But for Chelsea’s new no. 9, he is not a man to dabble in one, and he made that first attempt to point this out by taking the jersey number many players have pointed to it being cursed.

There are points to its tale though, considering Chelsea strikers brought into the club very rarely do well in the number despite doing quite well before joining the club.

Aubameyang setting himself up with the ‘Cursed’ no. 9?

Most recent was divisive player, Romelu Lukaku who after a torrid season with the Blues chose to escape back to Inter Milan. And then, there was Fernando Torres.

This to Chelsea fans makes it very much interesting that he would choose to go with the no. 9 shirt than opt for a different number considering the player doesn’t share a connection to the number in the first place.

The Gabon striker, joined the Blues on deadline day from Barcelona like he did some months back as he left Arsenal to join Barcelona.

Aubameyang wore the number 17 shirt at Barcelona this season, like he did in the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund.

During his time in the Premier League with Arsenal, the 33-year-old wore the number 14 shirt.

Aubameyang’s time in the no. 9 shirt was years back in his seasons with Saint Etienne and Dijon in France.

With Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel last month claiming “nobody wants to touch” the club’s No. 9 shirt amid fears it may be cursed, it remains to be seen if the Gabon striker is setting himself up for criticism or to prove a point.


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