Audio of Jay-Z being confronted by Charlamagne tha God over partnering with the NFL in spite of their treatment of Colin Kaepernick


An audio of Charlamagne tha God confronting Jay-Z during a meeting between the rapper, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and members of the media has emerged.


The audio obtained by TMZ Sports shows Jay-Z defending his decision to partner with the NFL despite the fact that most black stars are standing with Colin Kaerpernick after he was treated unfairly by the NFL because of his kneeling protest to highlight police brutality. Jay-Z’s defence was that he is past the kneeling protest and onto bigger things.


During the meeting, Charlamagne tha God asked the question on everyone’s mind; how Jay-Z could partner with the league when Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job.


Jay-Z responded by saying the kneeling protest was never about Kaepernick’s employment but about police brutality. He went on to say he’s past the kneeling protest.


The rapper said the options are, “Reaching millions and millions of people or [protesting] Colin not having a job.” He says by choosing to partner with the NFL on social justice issues, he’s choosing the former.


Jay went on to say, “Would you kneel or would you stand? … I think we’re past kneeling.”


Jay-Z says the task at hand is using the NFL’s re.s to change the culture of policing. He says there are 2 parts to protests, the first being to take a stand, which Colin did, and then getting the company [the NFL] to say, “I hear you.”


Listen to the audio below or go here to see a video.



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