Auto Gele is Definitely On Our Radar & We’re Sending You To Get Yours Done


Auto gele

Auto gele is the business! Forget that we about to jump on this bandwagon a little late but here we are!

Auto gele is about the chicest addition to trad looks! We can’t even fault this invention. It’s convenient and just ready to go without a single fuss! It saves time and gets the look done a 100%, so what’s not to love about that again?

A trad slay is incomplete without a gele! Over the years, they (geles) have been transformed into various styles from the overlay frontal, the pleats to the infinity pleats to mention just a few they’ve evolved especially to make style statement at (Yoruba) weddings.

Instead of manually tying looking for a stylist to slay the gele that’s not guaranteed to come out perfect, you can actually have one on the go! It’s all ready to just be placed on the head, secured with a clasp or fastener and ready to go.

One of our favourites brand on Instagram @ronawigs2.0 do the auto gele fab and it doesn’t cost an arm to get done, you know what else is exciting? It stays for as long as you want it for!

All you need
  • Aso Oke ( your choice of this fabric or anyone you want from the stylist)
  • Make sure it’s wide and long enough (preferably 4-5 ‘awe’ – the measure aso oke comes in)
  • Drop off at Rona Beauty Centre
  • Pick up in 3-5 days
  • Slay everyone’s lives!

For next to nothing, @ronawigs2.0 will get your gele slay popping to the heavens.

Auto gele


If you’d rather save money, then by all means go the DIY way


Will you be trying out the modern gele trend?


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