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Baby Fryo: I have no issue with Davido



Nigerian singer Baba Fryo has stated that he has no problem with Davido, adding that his recent comments about the singer were misunderstood.


Recall that Davido, after receiving N200 million from his friends and fans, added N50million and announced that the money would be shared to orphanages around the country.

This development sparked reactions as many Nigerians applauded the singer’s generosity. However, Baba Fryo didn’t share in this euphoria as he took to his Instagram account to recount how Davido and other well-to-do singers in the country did not come to his aid in his time of need.


His statement made many netizens upset and they berated Baba Fryo for his statement and “entitlement mentality”.

Reacting to this, Baba Fryo took to his Instagram page on Monday to say he has no issue with Davido and that he was misunderstood.


According to him, he has nothing personal against Davido but only expected that the singer would have helped him by at least sharing his predicament on social media when he came public with it back then.

Baba Fryo also appreciated Davido for all the charitable works he has been doing.


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