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\’Back the F— off\” – Actor, Tom Hanks shouts at group of fans after one nearly knocked over his wife (video)


Hollywood icon, Tom Hanks has been caught on camera telling fans to \”back off\” after his wife Rita Wilson tripped while being surrounded by fans as they left a restaurant in New York.


The actor is currently promoting his latest film Elvis, in which he plays Presley\’s manager Colonel Tom Parker.

While leaving a restaurant and walking to a waiting car on Wednesday night, June 15, Hanks and Wilson were approached by several fans, who asked for selfies.

In the video, a security guard is seen clearing the way for Hanks and Wilson to walk through the crowd as they leave the restaurant.

Some members of the waiting crowd are seen attempting to take selfies with the pair, with one getting too close and knocking Rita, causing her to lose her footing. 

After Wilson tripped, she turned and firmly told the fan to \”stop it\”.

Hanks then turns to face the group. He puts his hands in the air, and shouts: \” That is my wife, back the f**k off.\” He looks at the group angrily, before adding: \”Knocking over my wife.\”


The pair then leave the scene in a waiting car.


Some members of the group immediately apologized, and can be heard saying: \”Sorry about that, Tom.\”



Tom Hanks yells at fans after they bump into his wife.

— Drama for the Girls ? (@dramaforthegirl) June 16, 2022

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