Banning Street Giving Will End Street Begging – Hadiza El-Rufa’i

Hadiza El-Rufa’i, the wife of Kaduna Governor, Nasir El-Rufa’i has said the best way to end street begging especially in the north is to ban street giving.

The Kano State Government had some days ago banned street begging by Almajiri children. This is done to fully consolidate the free and compulsory primary and secondary school education policy in the state.

The Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi had also reprimanded parents whos sent their wards to school without adequate provision, urging them to stop the act.

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Governors in the Northern part of the country are planning to finally put a stop to the act. Governor Abdullahi Ganduje during the launch of Basic Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) and the Distribution of Offer of Appointment to 7,500 volunteer teachers, held at Sani Abacha Stadium, Kofar Mata, said that that parents or guardians of children still found out-of-school, would be taken to court.

“This policy of free and compulsory basic and secondary education goes along with the integration of our Almajiri system into the mainstream policy implementation; which suggests that English and Arithmetic must be included in the Almajiri School’s curriculum.

“While they will continue acquiring their study of the Holy Qur’an, they would at the same time, learn English and Arithmetic, which will give them an opportunity to continue with their studies to secondary schools and beyond.

“It is not only that the beggar is caught, his parents and/or guardians. Such parents or guardians would be taken to court for disrespecting our laws,” he insisted.

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See Hadiza’s tweet to the current development.

“An effective way to stop street begging is to ban street giving.”


— Hadiza Isma El-Rufai (@hadizel) February 28, 2020

Read my last tweet carefully. It’s about banning street alms-giving by those that want to help rather than banning the street beggars
We can donate to organized charities instead, no?

— Hadiza Isma El-Rufai (@hadizel) February 28, 2020

. Banning Street Giving Will End Street Begging – Hadiza El-Rufa’i Follow iDONSABI.

Banning Street Giving Will End Street Begging – Hadiza El-Rufa’i

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