Remember the Bantu Knot hairstyle we brought to you some months ago? Well we’ve been getting queries on how you can achieve this look, some people say words are just not enough they need visuals so they can show it to their hairstylist, do it themselves or get a cousin or sister to help them achieve this look.


The truth about Bantu Knot is that its easier to achieve than you think, this hairstyle is unique and one of a kind. A lot of naturalista’s have qualms because they think their hair is too coarse for the Batu knot hairstyle but this video from YouTube Channel Cynthkay Obi would show you that a naturalista whether you have long, full or sparse hair can wear the Batu Knot hairstyle and look glam in it.

Before you get started with the Bantu Knot hairstyle you must prep your hair with your hair regimen like your hair cream, coconut oil or any other product you use to soften and give your hair moisture.



What You’ll Need:

  • Hair clips
  • Hair comb
  • Eco styling gel
  • Dividing Comb
  • Marly Hair

Lets get started:


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