Basket weaving, rural livelihoods of women in Ghana


Handmade baskets are more than just a craft available in local markets of Ghana, since they sustain rural livelihoods of women in Ghana.

This participatory video shows groups of women from the Kalbeo village in Upper East, Ghana demonstrating their traditional techniques to craft a variety of colorful baskets made from scratch with straws. In this short video, groups of women artisans from all ages explain the elements represented in each basket, such as design and colour selection.

In collaboration with COMPAS Network for Endogenous Development, InsightShare provided a three-weeks capacity building workshop which aimed to train staff of local NGOs and CBOs in Participatory Video facilitation. As part of the training, they also performed tasks such as video editing and translation.

Collaboration between trainees and villagers led to the creation of a series of short videos made by women and farmer groups of Kalbeo and Kunkua villages, charting various rural livelihoods and farming activities in Northern Ghana, such as basket weaving, yam planting, honey collection and pig rearing.

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Local participants of both villages engaged the process with great enthusiasm, since Participatory Video allowed them to document their traditional techniques, farming activities, traditional knowledge and local innovations. A return visit in 2008 confirmed that both communities continue using the equipment provided to them and the skills they learnt to document their cultural heritage to preserve valuable traditional knowledge and local innovations for future generations in Ghana.

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