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BBNaija 7: Kess spills dirty secrets of the show

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Former BBNaija housemate, Kess Adjepkovu, has spilled some unrevealed clips that occured while he was in the house.

Following his eviction, Kess, in an interview said he had expected to get a strike but didn’t. He stated that the show hid so many things from the viewers.

Citing the first eviction night when Beauty got disqualified, he said he had expected to be called up for a strike because he had threw a pillow to Amaka during a fight involving some of the housemates but that clip wasn’t shown.

He also talked about how marriage had affected his involvement in the house because although he had been given a free pass to do whatever he wanted, he couldn’t because of the love and loyalty he has for his wife.

And because his wife wouldn’t want it to happen deep within her. Kess also talked about how some ladies had flirted countlessly with him, especially Ilebaye.

Recall that in a clip, Ilebaye, who was tipsy was in bed with Kess trying to kiss the housemate. Although many night watchers allegedly claimed something eventually happened between them in the sheets.

He said, “The day Beauty got disqualified, I thought I was going to get a strike but I did not. Not everything is shown…you guys didn’t even see me when I shout, there was a time Amaka and I fought that I threw stuff at her, and the day Beauty was disqualified, I thought it was my fighting clip that will be shown for a strike cos it was an intense fight, it is not everything Biggie shows.

“My marriage kinda limited and restricted me in the game, my wife gave me a pass but deep down i know she didn’t want me flirting and all that and then the female housemates were flirting with me, like Ilebaye she was after my marriage.”

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