BBNaija reunion: Major highlights from Shine Ya Eye day 5&6

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In the world of BBNaija Shine Ya Eye reunion, day 5 & 6 continued to enlighten us with information we had little to no knowledge of.

A lot of dirty laundry was spread to the viewers and we were entertained, or were we? On Day 5, we had major highlights like the Peace and Michael saga, Jackie’s situationship with Michael and a whole lot.

As always, Ebuka shared clips of Peace and Michael flirting heavily in the house. The two were always seen flirting with one another, either at the Jacuzzi, the pool party, the party, literally everywhere and this was the exact time Michael was showing interest in Jackie B.

When asked if he intended to date Peace in the house, Michael said they were just cool because she had told him of a relationship outside the house.

Peace equally said it was all vibes because she did the same to Sammie and a few other guys in the house.

Jackie B/Michael: Ebuka went further to ask what their current situation is and Michael said he thinks they are as friends, Jackie B said they are getting along.

Still on Day 5, Ebuka brought up Angel’s flirtations with guys in the house, especially the ones who were greatly affected. Sammie and Yousef. According to Yousef, what he felt for Angel was real. Angel shut down feeling rumours about Sammie.

Day 6 started with EmmaRose who happens to be in the mud at the moment. The ship has capsized and Titanic will be having a welcome party for this particular ship no matter how strong their shippers are.

That being said, Liquorose cleared the air about her relationship with Emmanuel and why they haven’t been in talking terms.

As always, Ebuka started with clips. This time was about Angel and Emmanuel where the duo were seen going from one angle in the house to another. When asked, Angel said she didn’t think EmmaRose was a strong item because Emmanuel was always flirting with everyone. According to her, Emmanuel often came to her to say, “I can’t wait to see you outside” and JMK collaborated by saying Emmanuel flirted but maybe it wasn’t a big deal to him.

Liquorose stated that he didn’t notice the flirtatious attribute of Emmanuel until later when she eavesdropped on conversations made by Angel and Beatrice. She added that she had told Emmanuel to mingle with the rest of the housemates but not to flirt.

She also talked about how she walked into the shower and met Emmanuel having his bath with three other housemates with Angel inclusive and she became furious because she is yet to see Emmanuel’s naked but others got to see it before her who is supposed to be the girlfriend in the house.

When asked for the reason for Emmanuel’s absence at Liquorose’s birthday. They had a lot to say. Emmanuel talked about how Liquorose had ignored him for a long time but had congratulated him on the group chat they shared with the rest of the housemates. He also talked about how uncomfortable he had felt in the relationship and how Liquorose had fought with him because he had a lunch date with Saskay.

Liquorose had shut Emmanuel up with a gbas gbos of her own. She revealed that she caught Emmanuel with a girl in bed while they were on a trip to Dubai.

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