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Be Useful, Stop Projecting Useless Narratives— Actress Ifemeludike Slams Blessing Okoro Over Her Ashawo Post



Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemedludike has publicly reprimanded relationship expert, Blessing Okoro for saying that every woman is an ‘ashawo’,

A few hours ago, Blessing Okoro took to her Instagram page in a video and labeled all women as prostitutes because they sleep with men whether married or unmarried and she furthered that married women are the ones who do prostitution the most because they open their legs to their husbands countless times in their marriage life without saying no.

Reacting to this actress Ifemeludike disagreed with Blessing Okoro and urged her to be useful with her growing brand and stop projecting useless and harmful narrative as she cautioned her followers not to be misguided.

Schooling Blessing Okoro, Ifemeludike revealed that an ashawo or harlot is a person who engages in sexual intercourse for monetary payment but sex in marriage is an activity ordained by God and approved by every traditional and religious institution for procreation.

She captioned;

We understand some of us are chasing clout and need millions of social media followers for advert money but we must not miss the opportunity to send the right and appropriate messages while at it!!!

You can’t just wake up and rubbish an institution introduced by God, a holy covenant that binds God with man… Omoh there are numerous issues facing us today in Nigeria. In the space of 2weeks we’ve lost 2 young girls to serial killers, raped and strangled to death and the only thing to trend is ashawo talk… No naw! That’s classless and tacky! I expected an Igbo woman to sound reasonable and talk with manners Biko! 


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. Be Useful, Stop Projecting Useless Narratives— Actress Ifemeludike Slams Blessing Okoro Over Her Ashawo Post Follow GhGossip.

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