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These hairstyles for kids will have your daughter looking so cute, you might be tempted to copy it.

This is a really bold look that’ll get your daughter to stand out anywhere. And when you’re tired of having the hair wrapped in a bun, you can let it fall loosely down her back. Two styles for the price of one! *high five*

OK, so you can rock this Ghana weaving hairstyle with your child and twin effortlessly. Be sure to tell the hairstylist to take special care with her delicate front hairs.

Hairstyles for kids can be simple and yet pretty. This is a hairstyle that you can achieve without hair extensions if your daughter has really long hair. But feel free to improvise with attachment if necessary and don’t forget the bow. The bow makes it much more fun.

Who said kids couldn’t rock a mohawk? We love this hairstyle because it’ll look great with all hair textures whether it’s relaxed, texturized or natural. You can make it even more .ful by adorning it with colourful beads.

Your child will be the star of every party she attends this season with this hairstyle. It’s so pretty we almost wish we were kids so we could have this much fun with our hair.

(Photo: Instagram/pepepretti_herself)

This super cute hairstyle is perfect your child’s hair is relaxed but could still work for natural textures. For natural hair, little twist-outs in front instead of the curls will work better.

(hair styles for kids)


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. Here are great hairstyles you can try this season.

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