Beauty DIY: 7 Unique Fruit Face Mask That’ll Rejuvenate Your Skin

Just for the record, the best skin care products are made from common ingredients and these include natural ingredients that actually do wonders for the skin. Over time and even research has proven that fruits are very good for the skin and perfect for face masks.
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The versatility of fruits is wonderful, from eating them to drinking them to even using them as skincare products that leave your skin glowing.
If fruits were people they surely deserve an award for how useful and amazing they are. Even their backs, seeds, peel just mention it, are all very useful.
The face which is a very sensitive area of the body needs uttermost care and only the best should be applied to it. Face masks help protect and revitalize the skin all day round. So here are 7 fruity face mask you really should try to keep that skin popping and glowing;
Apple Face Mask
Apples are rich in vitamin A, B, and C which have numerous skin benefits. These vitamins contained in it help with cell renewal. Using an apple face mask lightens blemishes and acts as a mild exfoliant. Several face masks can be created with apple.
Take one medium-sized apple and mash it up. Apply the pulp on the skin and let it stay on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse off with water and follow with a moisturizing.
Or you can also add honey to the applied pulp and you have an excellent face mask for oily skin. You can also add banana or yogurt to the apple pulp or simply boil the apple pulp. All these help with hydrating and nourishing the skin.
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Banana Face Mask
Banana is considered a skin superfood which is why it is commonly used in DIY beauty recipes. If you want to pamper your skin, a banana is a perfect fruit.
Mash half a banana and add one tablespoon honey to it. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with water. You will love how your skin looks and feels after its use.
Watermelon Face Mask
Antioxidants in watermelon make it a strong free radical fighting agent and it is because of these properties, watermelon is considered a skin superfood. While Vitamin A helps balance oil production and shrink pores, Vitamin C prevents and treats signs of aging. Watermelon can be used to make DIY face masks for different skin issues.
To make this, mash few pieces of watermelon and mix half a tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture to the face for 30 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. At times you can slice your watermelon and lay it on your face letting it rest for up to 30minutes. This is very good for the face when your skin is irritated from being in the sun for too long.
Strawberry Face Mask
Fresh Strawberries contain salicylic acid which is an acne-fighting agent. Besides this, strawberries act as a natural and mild exfoliant. It is best to take fresh strawberries from the refrigerator for a soothing effect on the skin. Mash 5-6 strawberries to form a pulp and add one tablespoon honey to it. Use this face mask to prevent breakouts and lighten acne scars.
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Pineapple Face Mask
While you make pulp for others, with pineapple, you simply blend it. The is great for boosting collagen production and keeping the skin firm.
Now just blend a few pineapple pieces with one tablespoon of honey to form a smooth mixture. Honey is very good to mix with your fruits as it works wonders on the skin. Rinse after 20 minutes and feel the magic of pineapple on your skin.
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Avocado Face Mask
Avocado is perfect for nourishing the skin. While its flesh serves as an effective face mask, you can also use ingredients like honey, yogurt, or lemon juice. Remove the pit from an avocado and scrape its flesh into a bowl. Mash till you get a smooth, creamy pulp. Apply it on the face for 20 minutes or till it is dry and rinse off with cool water.avocado KOKO TV NGKiwi Face Mask
Kiwi is loaded with Vitamin C which makes it excellent for use in DIY face masks. All you need is one kiwi and one tablespoon of yogurt. Mash a kiwi well and mix its pulp with yogurt. Apply this mask on the face for 20 minutes and rinse with water. This kiwi face mask brightens the face and also helps in lightening the blemishes.
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