BEEF ALERT: Afia Schwar Responds To Mzbel Calls Her “Rape Ambassador”

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BEEF ALERT: Afia Schwar Responds To Mzbel Calls Her “Rape Ambassador”

The feud between Ghanaian songstress Mzbel and female comedian Afia Schwar seems to have climbed to the highest level as the two ladies have been seen exchanging words on social media.
Afia Schwar has taken to her Facebook page to respond to her former best friend now turned enemy Mzbel after she also took to her Facebook page to call Afia a bitch. Mzbel wrote on her page “How many of you want me to reply to the only bitch in Ghana who borrowed money to pay a man’s groom price because she knows no man will ever love or care about her?”

In a rebuttal, Afia Schwar has also taken to her Facebook page to spit fire on Mzbel as she used unprintable words on the female artist. In her words…

“Bitch say fi. You remember begging me to sleep with Kofi Amoabeng be cos that is the only way he will feed your bastard son?? Curse me with Antoa if I am lying!!!!Kwasiaa we were sitting at rockSTONES office..YOU KNOW WHY I REJECTED that shit,..YOU STINK, I can’t sleep with anything that sleeps with you…Rape Ambassador…KWASIA GYIMIIIiii”.

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“Be a woman and say fi. come n tell the world the flag bearer you are blackmailing before I do…akA IT IS MY TUR9N TO FUCK YOU…i still have the screenshot Do FI AND SEE,TUTUNIABOA KWASIA MZBEL. Odwan call antoa n swear. if I am lying Bushmeat, cheap whore, even Castro used n dump your stinking pussy!!!!gyimiii National Rape Ambassador. Ashawo tutuniba. Kwankwandabi”.

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