Beef! Blaqbones Finally Opens Up About His Issues With Santi

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Nigerian singer and rapper, Emeka Akumefule aka Blaqbones was on the Urban radio 96.9 earlier today October 28, where he opened up about his beef with one of Nigeria’s best Alte singer Santi.Blaqbones and Santi

Emeka who was obviously hurt explained that his troubles with Santi started when he was supposed to jump on a song with him.

Blaqbones explained that Santi dragged on delivering the track delaying the release date of the song even though he had given him the room for his engineers to mix the song and do all they could or wanted with it.

Blaqqy who explained during the interview that was supposed to have dropped his song BBC since September 25th, but had to wait up until October 11th, all because of Santi, which was just him toying with his bread and butter. So he had to make a decision to remove Santi’s verse on the track and redo it all over again.

Watch the video clip below;

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