BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Rubberband Braids/Cornrows (Quick Kids Natural Hairstyle) Back to school


Hey guys we’re doing beginner friendly Rubber band braids and it’s a quick, easy and CUTE. We hope u enjoy and embrace it and fun recreating this and hope …


  1. My little cousin is African American and she is adopted and often doesn't feel accepted as all of her adoptive family is white and she loves you channel and shows her mom all the time and asks for her hair to be done like your daughter. All I can say is thank you 😊

  2. So I was watching this video & my 5 year old walks up to me and starts watching it & while watching it she tells me wow mommy I love her hair I wish my hair was like hers & I love her skin color then again says wow mommy her mommys hands they are so nice I love her skin color .. my daughter is Mexican American & has straight long black hair I love to hear her say stuff like that

  3. I watched your tutorial and it was my first time you tubing to do my daughters hair and its not exactly like yours i did my own thing after the 2 front ones but i think i did good. I thought i could post a pic for you too see how i did to get your opinion. But thank you for your help your helping lots of people❤ oh and i bought the papers what a diffrence in the AM wake up thank you


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