Benue: What We’re Doing About Boundary Crisis Between Ngbo, Agila People – Ortom


Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state

Benue governor, Samuel Ortom has disclosed that his government is mobilizing traditional rulers “to reach out to their people” to end the boundary crisis between the Ngbo people of Ebonyi state and Agila people of Benue state, Concise News reports.

According to Vanguard, Ortom granted the interview where he revealed this after an emergency security council meeting in the state recently.

“Of course, these are areas of contention and we have set up the machinery to deal with it,” Ortom said.

“We are asking the two communities to give us the benefit of the doubt so that we can resolve the matter.

“We inherited the crisis because it has been going on for decades, it is a crisis between Benue and Ebonyi states.

“But myself and the governor of that state are determined to solve the problem once and for all. We just want the communities to give us the opportunity and we are ready to go in.

“Both sides must offer concession.

“We cannot get a perfect solution for the matter but we need buy-in of these two communities to agree.

“We are mediating and discussing and so far it is going on smoothly, there are rough edges, we are going to smoothen them but it is not something that can be done overnight.

“Benue seems to be facing a lot of challenges on all fronts This is certainly a very difficult time for us. It is a trying time for the entire people of Benue state.

“We are faced with the challenge of inter-communal clashes all over the place owing to the fact that the rainy season is gradually setting in and preparation for the farming season has started. So it is quite disheartening because the entire state is challenged by these constant disagreements over land and that is what we are witnessing at the moment.

“We are doing our best, security personnel are on ground but like I keep saying, they are inadequate to take care of the entire state considering the volume of the problems that we have especially the inter communal crisis over farmland.

“What we are doing is to mobilize the traditional rulers to reach out to their people to make sure that wherever there are issues we sit down and discuss instead of taking arms against each other.

“And then the external aggression coming from the armed herdsmen has not stopped. They have adopted guerrilla warfare tactics. They come without cattle, kill, burn down houses and withdraw. After that they move to the next village to do the same thing. This has continued but we have discussed with our security personnel and we are moving and closing in on them.

“The Agro Rangers have been mobilized further and provided additional support and vehicles and their personnel have been put together with some resources to ensure that they keep vigil especially against those people who are not coming for grazing but for the sake of killing and destroying people’s property including those who had attempted to go back from the IDPs camps to resettle.

“So the tension is there but we are not sleeping and by the grace of God we shall overcome.”

. Benue: What We’re Doing About Boundary Crisis Between Ngbo, Agila People – Ortom Follow Concise News.

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