Figs in olive oil are the best cure for the bacteria in the stomach. In a jar put thefigs and then pouring real traditional unrefined olive oil. Figs can cut into 4 partsto better lean medicinal ingredients in olive oil.

Such mixed mixture should stand for at least 40 days, after which you can use. It is taken every morning on an empty stomach after a fig tree.

It would be taken for a small spoon of olive oil which are figs.
To cure anything better and more efficiently you need to synchronize your diet with treatment. Eat cooked food without being too mild spices especially hot andpeppery. Do not eat sour. Avoid fatty meat especially meat products.
Prepare food in olive oil, which is natural and unrefined. The more you eat fresh food.
Experience shows that a combination of figs and olive oil cures a lot of things, such as infertility, hemorrhoids, all intestinal disorders, constipation, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases



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