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Betrayal! Woman finds out her friend's baby was fathered by her husband



Diane Varndell’s life has been destroyed by a devastating double deception from two people she loved .Kind Diane, 51, was a rock when best friend Leanne Priddis, 28, told her she was pregnant by a boyfriend who had dumped her.

The mum-of-two vowed Leanne would not have to bring up the baby alone and started knitting for the tot and saving to deck out a nursery.When little Lexi Grace was born in October last year, Diane babysat and even looked after the infant overnight. She was delighted when Leanne asked her to be Lexi Grace’s godmother. 

But three months later a shocking ­bombshell dropped. Her god-daughter was, in fact, her cheating husband Wayne’s love child.

Diane said:

“I’ve been betrayed by the two most important people in my life. It’s hard to put into words how devastating that is.

“I never saw Leanne as a threat. She told me she thought of me like a mum. We were so close and I thought my marriage was rock solid.”

Diane’s life began to unravel just before Christmas last year when Wayne, 48, suddenly walked out on their six-year marriage. But the depth of his sordid secret only became clear when a mystery phone caller told Diane of his affair with Leanne.

 I feel so stupid for not seeing the signs. Wayne was always going outside to take phone calls and answer texts. 

“But I was gobsmacked when he left. I thought we had a great relationship and we still had a brilliant sex life. Never in a million years did I think he’d been seeing Leanne behind my back. He’s old enough to be her dad.”“All the time, he knew the baby was his daughter but didn’t say anything. It makes me sick. He played me like a fool. They must’ve had a great laugh behind my back.”

In late 2013, Leanne excitedly told Diane she had fallen in love and her new boyfriend had proposed. She wanted Diane to help plan the wedding.

Diane said:

“It was a bit strange. I saw her every day but I’d never met her boyfriend. I’d tell her to invite him round but she’d come up with an excuse about how he had to work late.

“When she asked me to go wedding dress shopping with her, I was flattered – but it felt odd, helping her plan her wedding to a man I knew nothing about. I confided in Wayne about my concerns but he didn’t seem too worried. He assured me we’d meet Leanne’s ­boyfriend soon enough.”“ 

Wayne Varndell and Leanne Priddis with their new baby

In February last year, Leanne ­revealed she was expecting a baby with her mystery man but he had left her.

She told me he’d insisted on an abortion. I felt so sorry for her. It was a heartbreaking situation for a young girl to be in. 

“I doubt this man even existed. She looked me in the eye as she told me how distraught she was, yet all the time the baby was my husband’s.

“I genuinely don’t know how they found the time to have an affair. They must have been sleeping together when I popped out to the supermarket. Yet, Wayne still slept beside me every night like nothing was wrong.”

  “I refuse to file for divorce. I won’t give them the satisfaction. He can pay for one if he wants one. I saw them in the street and Leanne looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up. “I still struggle to understand their ­betrayal. They’re playing happy families, I wonder if I’ll trust a man again.

 Wayne and Leanne, both carers, are now in a relationship and live just a few miles from Diane’s home in Colchester, Essex.


Culled from Mirror UK

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