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Beware Of These \’Thieves\’ During Ramadan


Ramadan/The Star

It’s the first stage part of the holy month of Ramadan. The phase that reflects the mercy of Allah (SWT). Indeed, Shaytan is chained this period, yet we need to be careful of our living as we could still commit sins and not maximise the benefits of the blessed month.

Concise News advises you to be careful with things that could ‘steal your time’:

1. Television: This thief is dangerous and diminishes one’s rewards. By watching purposeless movies and programmes, it squanders the time in a month where the days are the best of all days and the nights best of nights.

2. Excessive sleep: Because it is said in a Hadith that even sleep in this month has a reward does not mean that you should excessively sleep! The point is, even if sleep carries rewards, then imagine the rewards of Ibadah!

3. Wasting night: A thief that steals the most valuable time from you! This thief is responsible for turning you away from Salatul Layl, Istighfaar and tawbah, as well as the reading of specific duas of Ramadan and recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

4. Stinginess: Give sadaqah, iftaar, and help the orphans. Give iftaar even if it is half a date or a sip of water, so Allah (SWT) will forgive your past sins.

5. Gatherings without the dhikr of Allah (SWT): This thief comes with deep regret on the day of judgement!


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