#Bigbrothernaija: Twitter users react to Lucy and Nengi’s clash after the eviction show

                           Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react after Big Brother Naija 2020 housemates, Lucy and Nengi were enmeshed in a shouting match shortly after the eviction show, today August 9.  According to Lucy, Nengi approached her in the toilet to confront her about her silent murmurs which she claims wasn't about her, while Nengi accused Lucy of saying she leads men on in the house.  The argument between the two female housemates almost turned into a fight as other housemates had to hold them back. During the argument both ladies body shamed each other with Nengi calling Lucy an 'amoeba' even though there are reports she underwent butt surgery.Lucy also blasted Nengi's IQ level saying even in school she focused on men and not her education. If you missed the video, watch it here.Nigerians as you would expect, have reacted to the drama.See some tweets below. 

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