Bisi Alimi: Homosexuality Was Not A Criminal Offence Until After Colonisation

Nigerian born UK-based Gay right activist Bisi Alimi has taken to his social media page to continue his advocacy for the African society to become receptive of homosexuality and gender orientation. Bisi AlimiBisi Alimi

In a recent post of his, he said No African was a Christian until after colonisation, and that Homosexuality wasn’t a criminal offence in Africa until after colonisation.

In essence, homosexuality was a thing in African society before colonization. The gay rights activist added that one cannot demand the decolonization of Africa while also being against homosexuality.

Bisi Alimi wrote:

History 101; not one single African was a Christian before encounter with the colonisers. Homosexuality was not a criminal offence in Africa before the colonisers came. You can’t demand decolinising Africa and be homophobic at same time. Choose a side.

Photo Credit: Getty