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‘Black-ish’ Star, Marsai Martin Plays A Savage Teenager In The Hilarious Trailer For ‘Little’ZUMI

After watching her body her role as the bossy Diane in Black-ish, we knew Marsai Martin was going to do great things in Hollywood. Now, we get to see her star in a feature film that she executive produced.

She is set to be the youngest executive producer for her new movie, Little. Marsai Martin, who got the inspiration for the movie after watching Big, an 1988 age-swap movie recruited Issa Rae and Regina Hall to star in this comedy flick. Unlike Big, where a teenage boy wakes up as an adult after making a random wish, Little goes the other way round.

The film follows an overbearing tech mogul, Jordan (Regina Hall) who suddenly wakes up as her 13-year-old self (Marsai) after a young girl put a hex on her. Following the ‘disaster’, she has to work with her long-suffering assistant (Issa Rae) to help manage things at work.

Marsai Martin Plays A Savage Teenager In The Hilarious Trailer For 'Little' ZUMI

(Photo: YouTube/Universal Studios(

Even though we have seen different (white) versions of this movie, Marsai’s version looks promising because it takes a different approach, putting black women front and centre. Given that Little also comes from the producers behind the hilarious Girls Trip, consider us hyped to see this film as soon as it comes on April 12.

Watch the hilarious trailer below:








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