Bob Risky To Dash 1 Million Naira To Woman Who Lost Her Daughter Through Heart Problems

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The kind heart of Nigerian crossdresser Bob Risky is just amazing, as he continues to show kindness to her followers and fans despite the trolls and insults.

In his recent post, he told a story of how a woman needed help to go see her daughter who had heart problems but unfortunately lost her, but came back to show appreciation to her.

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Bob Risky really felt this appreciation by the follower, and therefore decided to give her another 1 Million Naira.

She said, “I thank d day God made me , he gave me d spirit to help people, he gave me a good heart, he gave me a soft heart to listen to people. Let me tell u guys a short story! Dis lady live in Uk 🇬🇧, she message me on snap that her baby has heart problems that she needed money for transport to go see her baby. I asked her how much was her transport and I immediately called someone in Uk 🇬🇧 to transfer some money to her in pound while I send d money back to her in her Nigeria Accout. So sad she said d baby died. But young lady !!! Send me ur account I will be sending 1million to u tomorrow. Despite how people judge me, insult me, I will never change who I am. Dis is a good person. She came back to say THANK YOU .”

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