Bobrisky, James Brown Were Birthed Out Of Poverty – Destiny Amaka

Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka has applauded Nigerian men who are hardworking and striving hard to make success, making reference to popular crossdressers Bobrisky and James Brown.
Destiny Amaka in a series of Instagram stories which she has now turned into an IG upon demands, noted that she doesn’t feel good when people bring down broke or poor guys and even compare them to men in the Western world.“Dunno why but I’ve been reluctant to say this for a while now but I will. It hurts me when I hear people pulling down poor or “broke” men! Even worst comparing them to the men in the west… haba! Yes there is the exception of lazy men but living out here for 9 years now I can confidently tell you that Nigerian young men are the hardest working people I know! It’s unfortunate that we have a system that’s set up for them to fail! No equal job opportunities! Zero!”, she began.
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Noting that a man’s riches or wealth is not by hard work, Destiny Amaka opined that poverty is what led to Bobrisky and James Brown doing their crossdressing business. “Poverty or riches is not measured by hard work biko! If your a young man trying to make ends meet in this jungle called Nigeria biko pat yourself on the back! Poverty here has birthed the likes of Bob and James brown! Check am!”, she added. Poverty Birthed Bobrisky, James Brown - Destiny Amaka Photos Credit: Instagram

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